“The Harbor Theatre Digital Conversion Fund Info”

Thanks to over 150 generous donations, $49,500 was raised and The Harbor Theatre converted from 35mm to D-Cinema in May of 2013.  We’re now running a Christi Solaria One +

digital projector with 2000 watt xexon lamp and 5.1 digital stereo-surround sound.  In addition to digital we are still equipped to run 35mm, 16mm, VHS, DVD and Bluray discs.

The info and links below will give you background regarding the theatre’s need to convert and the campaign and support that made it possible.

The Harbor Theatre has survived beyond the film era!


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Letter To The Editor – Digital Need to Convert



After 120 years, The End of movie film as we know it is almost here. Close to 70% of American
movie theatres have already converted to “C-Dinema”, the movie industry’s digital technology.
The Boothbay Moving Picture Co., Inc. dba The Harbor Theatre, an S-Corporation, founded in
2002, needs to convert to digital projection soon. Digital conversion does not increase business-
it just allows a theatre to stay in business as the film labs close and 35mm projection is replaced
by digital, anticipated to take place as soon as later this year.

Mike Hurley, owner of The Colonial Theatre in Belfast Maine writes an excellent overview about
this situation in Indiewire (.com) Hurley sees the real possibility that nearly 20% of all theaters in
North America will disappear because they can’t afford digital projection.

Click here for the full Mike Hurley article:



As a break-even business, The Harbor Theatre can not afford to finance the new digital projection
equipment required to stay in business- estimated cost: $65k ($100k with 3D). I have explored many
options over the past several years, but have reached an impasse. Without donations to purchase the
required digital equipment, the theatre will have to close on or after September of 2012.

Much as I hate to ask, I am requesting community support to raise the money needed to purchase
the equipment required to keep the theatre open. If we are unable to raise the needed money,
donations will be returned. A bank account has been set up to accept donations: “The Harbor Theatre
Digital Conversion Fund” c/o The Bank of Maine (Boothbay Harbor branch). Please note, unfortunately
donations are not tax deductible.

We’ve had a great time serving the Boothbay region over the past ten years and appreciate the friendships
we’ve made & the generous support provided by past & present sponsors, members, the board of Friends
of The Harbor Theatre dba The Boothbay Area Film Society (who provided upgraded equipment, including
new sound processor, & movie screen), and Ham Meserve & Bob Devine who spent days driving to NYS
to pick up donated theatre seats, the 100s of people who donated money to install the seats and
commemorative plaques, Helen who along with committee members selected many of the past Wednesday
night films and so many others who provided assistance, time, expertise and encouragement in so many
ways to make The Harbor Theatre a better, more sophisticated, safe & comfortable place to view films.
A cast of thousands behind the scenes!

The next chapter has yet to be written. Raising $65k seems like an Impossible Dream, but we won’t know
unless we try.

In the meantime, thanks again for your friendship, support, help & advice.

On With The Show!

Jason Sheckley